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I don't know about you but I certainly have gotten sick and tired of going to the various sources for fantasy football and getting the same information time after time. I couldn't find those hidden gems that would give me an edge in my league.

STAT ATTACK SPORTS proudly announces our “YOUR ADVANTAGE” software. This dynamic software will quickly allow you to find the circumstances where players produce the best and the worst. It will help you greatly both during your league draft and when you are deciding which players to play and which ones to bench.

Did you know that Tom Brady is almost 43% less productive when he plays on natural grass when it is raining than when he plays in the rain on artificial surfaces? His fantasy point production drops that much! Knowing this fact may be just enough for you to bench Brady when it's raining and he is scheduled to play on grass. His average fantasy point total differential is almost 8 points and that may be just enough to get you the win.

We have all heard for years how much better Drew Brees is when he plays in a dome. The question is, how much better? You might be shocked to find out his fantasy point production only drops 5.22% when he goes outdoors! However, the big difference for Mr. Brees is when he hits the road. He is almost 15% less productive when away from New Orleans.

These are just a few of the difference makers you can easily discover using the “YOUR ADVANTAGE” software. You can find out how any player or any team has performed under a multitude of circumstances. Check out the performance levels for home or away, on specific playing surfaces, during adverse weather, for games played at certain temperatures, elevations, time zones, month of the year, day of the week and any combinations of those factors and many, many more.

"Don't compete unless you have a competitive advantage"
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If you have any questions about any of our programs, you are always welcome to call us at 1 (479) 750-0817 and ask for Whitey or you can also e-mail your questions or comments to customerservice@statattacksports.com.