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So, you have never wagered on baseball. Baseball is far and away the easiest sport to “beat”. Below is a memo we received shortly after the 2013 baseball season from first time subscriber to our DIAMOND EDGE selection service;

From Ron W. of Harrisburg, PA –
“I had never bet on a baseball game until last year. I had been impressed with your insight and honesty in your football newsletter so I thought I would try your DIAMOND EDGE baseball selection service. Before I enrolled, I called you and you graciously answered all my questions. You told me “a majority of the profits earned in baseball comes from underdogs” and since you had an excellent record of selecting winning underdogs in your football newsletter, I decided to play ONLY the underdogs chosen by your service. I was amazed at the accuracy of your underdog selections and earned a substantial profit for the year. Thank you for your excellent selections, your prompt service and for answering my many questions. You never mislead me and always told me what to expect from your selection service. I am a very satisfied customer and a subscriber to your service for life.”

Here is how our service works. Twice daily you will get our predictions for that day's games. At about 9:30 AM Central time the day of the games, we will distribute via e-mail our picks for day games. We will then send our selections for the night games around 4:00 PM Central time the afternoon of  that night's games. Why not send them all at once? The accuracy of our selections becomes better and better the closer to game time. Since we never suggest playing games with a line of greater than -150, by waiting until closer to game time we will give the public the chance to bet favorites above our limit and to increase the line on underdogs, our area of strength. You can expect two to five recommended games each day and they will be clearly marked in your e-mail. While we provide a predicted score for every game played, our service is NOT designed for Totals players.

Word has gotten out about our service, especially our ability to select winning underdogs. Even with the expanded popularity of our service, the price will remain the same, about $2.00 a day or about $.15 per game. There is no reason to pay $1000, $2000 or more for quality baseball predictions. Send your personal check for $395.00 today to STAT ATTACK SPORTS, 2007-B Ashlee Drive, Springdale, AR  72764 or send your payment via Pay Pal to sales@statattacksports.com. That one payment will get you selections for every MLB game from opening day through the final World Series game.

We look forward to a very profitable season and hope you will be there with us. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to call us at 1 (479) 750-0817.

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If you have any questions about any of our programs, you are always welcome to call us at 1 (479) 750-0817 and ask for Whitey or you can also e-mail your questions or comments to customerservice@statattacksports.com.