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Are you ready for football? We at STAT ATTACK SPORTS are ready for a successful and profitable season. We offer you an excellent tool for making this year a good one for you too. We will again be publishing our weekly newsletter, PIGSKIN PROPHESY. Each Thursday you can receive this dynamic newsletter in your e-mail. We will make our predictions for every college and pro game for that week. We will also tell you which games we feel are worth playing. The biggest change in this year's newsletter will be an expanded S.A.R.G.E. Section. These are games where we feel the underdog has a good chance of winning STRAIGHT UP. These are games we feel warrant a Money Line play. In the past we have had one or two S.A.R.G.E. plays each week but this year we will be expanding that to three to five plays per week. How have we done with our S.A.R.G.E. plays? Over the past four years we have correctly selected 61% upset winners with payoffs as high as $380 on a $100 Money Line play. To break even playing underdogs on the Money Line, it takes about a 40% win factor. We are way above that breakeven number and expect to continue our success picking underdog winners. We also encourage our subscribers to call us whenever they have a question about any game or if they want to know why we like a particular game. Our number is 1(479) 750-0817. To sign up, either use Pay Pal or your personal check. The cost is $160.00 for the season up through the Super Bowl. When paying via Pay Pal, send payment to sales@statattacksports.com. If you are sending a check, send it to STAT ATTACK sports – 2007-B Ashlee Drive – Springdale, AR 72764.

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If you have any questions about any of our programs, you are always welcome to call us at 1 (479) 750-0817 and ask for Whitey or you can also e-mail your questions or comments to customerservice@statattacksports.com.