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STAT ATTACK SPORTS has the tools to help you have a successful and enjoyable baseball season. If you like to do your own handicapping, we offer three excellent research tools;

Our basic STAT ATTACK for BASEBALL utilizes prior years stats to identify the successful trends you need to be a winner. This dynamic computer software sells for $69.95.

The GOLD version uses past and present stats for your research. Each week when you open your software, the prior week's stats are automatically downloaded. You can keep up to date and catch solid trends as they develop. Th software sells for $159.95.

The PLATINUM version has all the features the GOLD has but it has one wonderful time saving feature. With the BASIC and GOLD versions, if you want to do an identical search for every team, you would need to do an individual search for each team. The PLATINUM version would require only one search, an all teams search. The program costs $219.95.

If you don't have the time to make your own selections, STAT ATTACK SPORTS offers our DIAMOND EDGE SELECTION service. With this service, you will get a prediction on every game played from opening day through the World Series. We will show you the games we like but you are obviously free to play any game. Day game selections will be e-mailed to you around 8:30 each morning and night game picks are e-mailed to you around 4:00 each afternoon. Both are Central times.This excellent service sells for $395.00 for the full season.

For more detailed, independent discussions of our software, please visit the “Sports Gambling” section of About.com. If you have any questions, you are always free to call us at 1-479-750-0817. Simply ask for Whitey.

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If you have any questions about any of our programs, you are always welcome to call us at 1 (479) 750-0817 and ask for Whitey or you can also e-mail your questions or comments to customerservice@statattacksports.com.