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Don’t miss out on all the great football contests in Las Vegas just because you live out of state. Go to Vegas Football Proxy and sign up for your proxy today. We provide proxy services for all the major football contests in Las Vegas including the Westgate Supercontest.

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Phillips Racing Newsletter
is the consumer watchdog and they have been looking out for sports literature buyers for the past 35 years. If a book or computer program is good, they will tell you why. But if it stinks, they will tell you that too.

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The Rainman
is an honest public handicapper. You heard correctly. The Rainman tells it like it is and can be heard over radio station WHBQ - Memphis and across the country Monday through Friday each afternoon.

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Gambler's Book Club
is the one central source to find literature and computer programs designed for those of us who like to place a wager from time to time.

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Are you as tired as we are of going to a "FREE" sports betting information site only to find out it is a front for some betting service? If you are, we have good news for you. We have actually found a good, honest, unaffiliated betting information site that makes assisting you its top priority. The folks at Sports Betting Insights are on your side. Pay them a visit. You will be happy you did.