We strive to offer only top notch, user friendly programs for those of you who like to figure out which team will cover the point spread or Over/Under number. STAT ATTACK SPORTS offers several products that give you that essential edge needed to earn you a long term profit.

Mr. Allen Moody is the host of the Sports Gambling section at He is an independent expert of all things to do with sports wagering. Mr. Moody is truly the “consumer advocate” for sports bettors. In additional to producing an excellent FREE newsletter (you really should subscribe), Mr. Moody reviews books and computer software that relate to sports handicapping. Here is what he as to say about the newest addition to the Stat Attack Family - the Platinum versions.

“The Platinum version of the program does everything the Regular and Gold versions do, but has the ability to do the “All Teams” search, which is the ultimate time saver for college football handicappers. Instead of doing individual searches to see how particular teams have done in certain situations, you can do an “All Teams” search and see how all college football teams have done in that situation.

The results are listed in corresponding order, from best to worst, so if you want to see which teams are the best home underdogs when the total is 60 or greater, you’ll see all teams listed, from best to worst.

The All Teams search feature is so new that I haven’t began to touch its potential, but can see the possibilities are enormous.

It would be impossible to list all of the great features of these programs in a review and I’m sure there are plenty of things that I haven’t discovered yet. These are definitely programs that will help you during the upcoming season. If you bet college football, you owe it to yourself to get one of these programs, as they will pay for themselves many times over.”

-Alan Moody

The STAT ATTACK PLATINUM football programs are a new combination of accuracy, speed, and user ease. They are also backed by the best support systems available. If you TRULY want to make the 2012-2013 season your most profitable ever, it’s time to order “STAT ATTACK for COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLATINUM” and “STAT ATTACK for PRO FOOTBALL PLATINUM”.

RETAIL PRICE - $219.95 each

STAT ATTACK PLATINUM for PRE SEASON PRO FOOTBALL pretty well summed it up when they said the following;

"…the best software program for beating the NFL pre-season that you'll find anywhere." went on to say;

"Stat Attack for Pre-Season Pro Football contains all of the exhibition games, including totals, for the past eight years. Bettors have the ability to do searches to how specific teams or coaches do in certain situations, which is extremely valuable when it comes to pre-season football. Certain coaches play the pre-season the same on a yearly basis and bettors who know these tendencies have a huge advantage over those who do not."

"There are also other factors that come into play specifically during the pre-season and Stat Attack will help you pinpoint those situations."

"How do teams fare as home underdogs in week four? Drastically different than they do in week three and Stat Attack will show you exactly how they do in both scenarios."

"Should you bet road favorites who are switching surfaces? Definitely not, as the program will show you."

"The possibilities are seemingly endless with this program."

RETAIL PRICE - $129.95 each For a limited time - FREE!
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The PLATINUM version of STAT ATTACK contains all the research capabilities of the REGULAR and GOLD versions (including the automatic download of new data) PLUS it offers the new "All Teams" search option.

With this option, if you want to know how every team has done as a home team underdog in your selected time frame, click on the "All Teams" option and in about a minute you will have a listing of every team displayed in order of success against the spread as a home underdog. With the REGULAR and GOLD versions, you would be required to make individual searches for every team. The "All Teams" option can be utilized with any combination of research options available. You will be able to reduce your research time by 75% to 90%. You will get more research done in far less time!

RETAIL PRICE - $219.95 each


STAT ATTACK SPORTS - THE DIAMOND EDGE is a fast, easy to use, accurate way for you to predict the final score for as many or as few MLB games as you like. If you can point and click your computer mouse, you can have the predicted score for any game in seconds.

This handicapping system has been back tested for the last 6 years and in every year, playing every game and playing a static amount, the system has produced from +97 units to +163 units of profit. In no year did it produce a loss. However, we do not suggest you play every game. Since baseball is a money line game, we suggest you play no favorite with a money line greater than -160. Also, keep records so you can see where the program works best and where it is less successful. You will be able to quickly set up your own set of rules for how you use this dynamic program.

RETAIL PRICE - $395 each


So you think you don’t have the desire or simply don’t have the time to do your handicapping yourself. Well, Stat Attack Sports has just the answer you have been looking for.

The YLF 2000 programs contain the same databases of every regular and post season game played since the 1985-1986 season that our critcally acclaimed Stat Attack programs do. However, what makes the YLF 2000 programs different is what they do with that data.

Can you imagine how it would be to set yourself up for making money while you drink your morning coffee? The “YLF 2000” programs put you in the position to do just that.

Before you grab your first cup, visit our web site,, and download the football games for the week (the process will take you less than a minute). You then click on a button that directs the YLF 2000 program to begin handicapping the games for you. You then need to walk into the kitchen and get that morning pick-me-up cup.

Read the newspaper while you have your coffee and before you have finished your first cup, a YLF 2000 page will appear on your computer screen telling you the suggested games for the week. Just that quickly and easily, YFL 2000 has completely analyzed the trends for each game and selected the teams that have the highest probability of covering the spread. It is that simple!

From download to final predictions, it takes less than 10 minutes and your handicapping is completed by the most dynamic program available.

The YLF 2000 programs are fast, easy and accurate. No other programs require less work by you, the user.

For the 2009-2010 season, "YLF 2000 for COLLEGE FOOTBALL" had a record of 71-51-3 versus the spread and all you had to do was click a couple of buttons!

RETAIL PRICE - $295.95 each


For thoroughbred horse racing fans, this simple, quick program will help you identify the horses that pay far more than expected when they win. Be the person cashing those big payoff tickets instead of watching others and wondering how they did it.

For those of you who have purchased this program expecting it to be the “end all” for thoroughbred handicapping, you will be disappointed. While it can be used as a handicapping system, ALWAYS AN OVERLAY was never designed for that purpose.

Dozens, possibly hundreds of handicapping systems pop up each week. Most of these systems are useless to anyone except the person selling the system. If you use this program as a system, the results you achieve will be better than those produced by the “systems mills” but you can easily find better handicapping systems. This program was created as a supplement to your existing approach to handicapping.

Okay! We have told you exactly what this program is not, so how is it going to help you? The one commonality found among horse players is they all want to walk away from the track with more cash in their pockets than they had when they arrived. Unfortunately, a vast majority of horse players spend far too much time trying to fine tune their handicapping and far too little time trying to maximize the payoffs from their winning tickets. This program is designed to help you with that very neglected portion of your approach to playing the horses.

Each thoroughbred track has The Daily Racing Form and an official track program for sale. Both of these publications are excellent, essential parts for success at the track. In both you will find a “MORNING LINE” which novice horse players assume is a prediction of the outcome of the races about to be run. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The only thing that the “MORNING LINE” predicts is how the people attending the races that day will bet. It is simply the starting point in the glorified auction known as pari-mutual wagering.

There is a commonly used horse racing term in the title of this program, “OVERLAY.” The term means “a horse producing a payoff higher than expected”. Expected by whom? Sure, if Seattle Slew had gone off at 10-1 odds, he would have been an easily recognized overlay, but how do we identify less obvious overlays in our everyday wagering?

ALWAYS AN OVERLAY allows you to quickly produce your own morning line, a morning line that more accurately tells you which horses have the best chance of winning any race. You can then compare your own, personal “MORNING LINE” to what is taking place at the track.

Let’s assume that ALWAYS AN OVERLAY tells you that a horse your handicapping has selected should go off at 3-2 but the tote board shows that the patrons have made that same horse a 5-1. The difference between your 3-2 and the 5-1 shown on the tote makes your selected horse an overlay. Supporting this horse would be wise and a way to maximize your profit. Conversely, if ALWAYS AN OVERLAY tells you your selected horse is a 5-1 but the tote board has it at 3-2, you need to skip the race because your horse is not paying in proportion to its realistic chances of winning.

Using ALWAYS AN OVERLAY will add about 15 minutes to your handicapping process for a ten race card. That additional time will be time very well spent IF you make yourself restrict your wagers to only those horses that ALWAYS AN OVERLAY identifies as overlays.

RETAIL PRICE - $219.95 each