Whenever I follow your software, I win. Whenever I go on my own, I lose. IMAGINE THAT!
Eddie L. - Sebring FL

Your PIGSKIN PROPHESY money line selections are unbelievable. You pick some of the ugliest underdogs yet they WIN straight up!
Drew G. - Omaha, NE

Great job with your S.A.R.G.E. picks (found in PIGSKIN PROPHESY). I made 1800% return on my investment playing those underdogs to win last year. Keep up the good work.
Dan O. - Las Vegas, NV

I paid for my subscription for PIGSKIN PROPHESY 11.25 times just from playing your “underdogs to win” plays.
Jack K. - Branson, MO

Your football PLATINUM software programs are excellent. I no longer make a play without having solid, accurate stats to back up the bet.
David R. - Chandler, AZ

As a long time customer, I want to thank you for always being available and for giving me honest answers to my questions.
Grover P. - Saratoga Springs, NY

I really enjoy your radio shows. I love how you are not reluctant to go against the so-called experts.Parker R. - Abington, MA

I can not imagine going into a football season without you PLATINUM software. They have made me a much better player. Thanks.
Berg W. - Raton, NM

Product Reviews

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"With each new program that comes out, it seems like there is nothing that Stat Attack Sports can do to top their previous effort. But time and time again, they prove me wrong."
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"Fine Time-Saver to Research College Hoop Angles"
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About.com - Pigskin Prophesy
"...The newsletter will do all the work for you and is a good alternative for those who don't have the time to properly analyze the games.
Pigskin Prophesy looks at every game to be played from several different perspectives and when everything agrees, you have a play. Through the first two weeks of the 2009 football season Pigskin Prophesy had posted a stellar 13-3 record against the point spread, so they obviously know what they're doing."

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About.com - Stat Attack Pro Football
"Needless to say, I'm impressed by Stat Attack Pro Football. It is a great asset to anybody who wagers on professional football. The program is powerful, yet easy to use and will pay for itself many times over during the course of the upcoming season." - 5 out of five stars.
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INTRODUCTION: by Mr. Alan Dietrich, owner of Phillips Newsletter

Hard to believe but they’ll be teeing it up again soon for another football season. So we have this timely review of some new software for the sports bettors among you. As usual, we “farmed out” this product to a trusted, longtime computer helper of ours, Jim Robins, to check for us. His review of “STAT ATTACK for FOOTBALL 2009-2010” (both pro and college versions) is all-inclusive, so let’s get right to it….

REVIEW: “STAT ATTACK for FOOTBALL 2009-2010” (college and pro versions)

By Jim Robins, jim@thororanch.com

Some people, including myself, say “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” and in most cases it is a reasonable standard to follow. This time, we have software from a company that replies; “OK, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it but we can double the amount of data, make it faster, easier to use, more effective and more profitable.” Well, I would have to agree with that, too.

The company is STAT ATTACK SPORTS and their software products are called “STAT ATTACK for PRO FOOTBALL 2009-2010” and its companion “STAT ATTACK for COLLEGE FOOTBALL 2009-2010.”

In past years, I have praised STAT ATTACK software programs based on ease of installation, ease of use, performance and results.

The results were outstanding. In NCAA basketball, at the NIT, STAT ATTACK picked a small college from the northwest to both beat the spread and the score in a highly anticipated game against North Carolina, one of the most highly ranked teams in the country.

In brief, STAT ATTACK’s information beat absolutely everyone else, from ESPN to USA Today to most of the best information brokers in the business.

On the college football side, it saved my Thanksgiving Day festivities with my extended family. All of us are SEC fans from different SEC universities, from Arkansas to the University of Georgia. Once again, STAT ATTACK came through with great results.

In professional football, the editor and publisher of a top sports newsletter wanted to know if his San Diego Chargers would make the playoffs. Besides being from a top pro, he asked this of me before the season had begun, basically six months before the event would occur. I turned to STAT ATTACK and it indicated a strong divisional season, a round in the playoffs, but no Super Bowl and that is exactly what happened six months later.

Like previous editions, the new STAT ATTACK covers about 15 major factors important in handicapping plus it has the full stats for the past 24 years. More importantly, it presents them to you in an easy-to-use format. It does not give you picks but it does point out all of the stats you need to make a very well-informed prediction, including those concerning point spreads. Even better, you can choose and combine your own factors on the spot. STAT ATTACK is a heavy-duty workhorse, ready to work for you.

Normally, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” but STAT ATTACK SPORTS listened to their users, especially those from Phillips Newsletter and added their suggestions to this new addition, expanding the parameters and endeavoring for even more accurate results.

The previous editions gave you years of teams, conferences, divisions, opponents, opponent divisions, game locations (home, away, neutral), seasonal info (wild card, divisional, etc.) closing lines, final scores, the Over/Under lines, on-the-road info and much more.

The new edition of STAT ATTACK can give you results based on all the factors, plus more, for virtually every game in the past 24 years. Here is an example: A big game is coming up and you want to know how the New England Patriots have done in October playing on artificial turf when they were favored to win the game. A couple of clicks and STAT ATTACK tells you that this situation has occurred 11 times in the past and in 9 of those 11 games, the Patriots have covered the spread.

Earlier, I mentioned new additions to STAT ATTACK and I love them, as they go even deeper into the stats. Every one of them help me. Here are the new additions to the program: Head coaches, offensive coordinators, defensive coordinators, starting quarterbacks, the elevation of the game sites, time zones, game time temperature, weather (rain, snow, etc.), field type (grass or artificial) and days since the last game for both teams. Extrapolating on the example above, where the Patriots covered the spread 9 of 11 times, you can find out that perhaps, the 2 times that they didn’t cover the spread were situations played in short weeks and without their starting quarterback. STAT ATTACK helps by putting every possible angle to work for you.

Add up all the above options. Now, you can choose any combination of choices and press a key to get the results. The secret is in the extensive and accurate use of historical trends. I hold two Masters Degrees heavy on stats and we call such info “statistically significant data.” As a horse racing player, you could also call this level of information “Past Performance on steroids,” as it is more data than you could find for a horse race without using at least three different additional sources.

If you want to always win the office pool or the water-cooler wager, week after week, STAT ATTACK is a no-brainer. You will be the champion. If you are a “weekend warrior,” STAT ATTACK will give you so much useful data that your successful results will soar, without having to spend hours of preparation. Even pros use STAT ATTACK, as it rivals and often excels, above and beyond other pure stat programs. I’d bet that many coaches have it on their hard drives, as well and if not, they should.

STAT ATTACK is for everyone. It is easy to use, easy to install and the results are fantastic. I have never seen better results from a sports stats software program and you don’t need a 50 page manual to use it. One page of instructions and you are on your way.

As for me, STAT ATTACK has never failed. Whether you follow a couple of teams each week or get medieval on twenty tough games, STAT ATTACK is the best investment you can make as the football season begins. For me, it is an absolute winner and deserves a rating of 9.

Each program (Pro and College) is only $69.95 with free shipping. Personal checks are accepted.
Write to:
2007-B Ashlee Drive
Springdale, AR 72764

If you have a question, just call Whitey at (479) 750-0817.

THE FINAL RATING by Alan Dietrich

As noted, the folks at STAT ATTACK have been producing top quality sports betting software for several years now and we’ve never heard anything but positive comments about them. Therefore, we’ll definitely go along with our reviewers suggested high rating for “STAT ATTACK for FOOTBALL 2009-2010; make it an official strong 9 rating. By the way, we recently received an e-mail from the sellers of this item telling us about their “COLLEGE FOOTBALL PREVIEW 2009-2010” that can be downloaded (for FREE) by clicking here.